LWV elections site has much good information

Interested in knowing what’s on the Nov. 5 general election ballot or wondering how to obtain for an absentee ballot? If you are, the League of Women Voters of Michigan, Marquette County Member-at-Large State Unit has just the ticket for you.

The league’s online voting guide at vote411.org, went live Saturday. Use that address and the website is pretty much self explanatory.

Here are examples of what you will find. There are two open, nonpartisan seats on the Marquette City Commission with four candidates appearing on the ballot, while there is one open nonpartisan seat on the Marquette Board of Light & Power, with only one candidate appearing on the ballot. There are also two open, nonpartisan seats on the Negaunee City Council with one candidate appearing on the ballot. In addition, there are vacancies on the Negaunee City Board of Review, and millage requests for voters in Michigamme and Richmond townships.

In addition, anyone interested in learning more can visit vote411.org to see the language of the proposals that will appear on the Nov. 5 ballot in their jurisdiction and read biographical information about the Marquette City Commission candidates, along with candidate responses to questions posed to them by the league.

For those who are worried that they won’t be able to make it to the polls on Nov. 5, or prefer the convenience of absentee voting, an absentee ballot is an option. Requests for absentee ballots can be submitted in writing to your local city or township clerk.

The forms for the Michigan Voter Registration Application and an Absent Voter Ballot Application can be found on the Secretary of State website at mi.gov/vote.

We recommend readers who have the technical capability give the site a look.


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