Summer on its way out, winter is right around the corner

The reality of the situation is inescapable. Summer’s almost over.

Actually, for students in the Negaunee and Gwinn school districts, as well as at Northern Michigan University, summer ended when they went back to class this week.

The weather in recent weeks has been glorious, leading many of us to wish the season would last forever. And while autumn technically doesn’t arrive until Sept. 23, we can hold on to summer with both hands.

Or we can open The Old Farmer’s Almanac 2020 and weep. A copy of this reference book arrived at The Mining Journal office Monday, just in time to destroy any dreams of an endless summer.

With the book came a handy reference map for winter 2019-20 and across the Upper Peninsula, the map reads: “A Parade of Snowstorms.”

Inside the book, it states the prediction is for more snow than normal in northern Michigan.

They term it a “snow-verload.”

That’s great news for those who love winter and for businesses who depend on the white stuff for success. But for those dreaming of warm weather, it’s not the greatest forecast.

What it all means is we encourage all those who treasure warm weather and sunshine to soak up as much as they can in coming weeks.

Winter’s coming, my friends, winter’s coming.