Participate in process — get out and vote today

With significant numbers of people reportedly feeling disenfranchised from the governments that represent them at multiple levels, voters in Superiorland and elsewhere will have an opportunity today to cast ballots in the 2019 August primary election.

If past performances are any indicator — and they almost always are in matters such as these — something less than 20 percent of the registered electorate will actually turn out at the polls and vote. By way of comparison, 60 percent of registered voters typically vote in a presidential election while 40 percent is an average for a mid-term election.

What makes us scratch our heads is how people can feel disenfranchised — powerless in the process — if they simply don’t vote? The answer, we suspect, goes to the times in which we live. Increasingly, it seems, people have flat out turned their backs on participating. Oh, sure, they’ll turn out in droves if recreational marijuana is on the ballot or to vote for or against one presidential candidate or another. But to consider millage issues or immediate elected officials such as commissioners or councilmembers, nope.

We urge residents where there is balloting today to figure out where your polling places are and vote. You can give yourself an advantage by checking out The Mining Journal’s pre-election coverage. All the races are covered on our website.

Your voice, and participation is needed. Vote today.