Arts and culture very important to area’s vitality

If a community, any community, can find its beating heart in its economic energy, employment opportunities and business acumen, it could be argued, we believe, that a community’s non-religious soul is centered in its arts and culture community.

There is something singularly wonderful in witnessing local artists produce everything from music to poetry to paintings and plays, just to name a few.

Although the Upper Peninsula is geographically isolated from metropolitan areas downstate and in Wisconsin, the region has not lacked for a vibrant arts and culture community. Seldom does a weekend go by that this neck of the woods isn’t hosting a performance or display of some kind, be it concerts or art sales.

That’s why we’re using this space to underscore the importance of Zero Degrees Artist Gallery marking its ninth anniversary. The artist cooperative is located on North Third Street in Marquette and is stocked with the juried wares of more than three dozen area artists.

“It’s a great opportunity for any artist trying to come up and get their start,” Zero Degrees Vice Chairman Chris Wetton, said for Mining Journal front page coverage Monday.

“We’ve got some professional artists, our full timers, so it’s a great place to educate youself and get better at your art.”

Thirty-eight artists currently display their work, such as handmade jewelry, paintings, ceramics and sculptures in the gallery, he said.

We’d recommend area residents and visitors alike check them out and sample, if you will, the high quality and diversity of what’s offered there.

Lots of information is available on its website at http://www.zerodegreesgallery.org/


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