Public needs to help police catch area vandals

Vandals are a classification of crook we just don’t understand, assuming any of them are understandable, of course.

What the thrill might be in destroying someone else’s property is well beyond us. So when we find ourselves reporting on the crime, especially as it relates to public recreational property, it is troubling to say the least.

But that’s what we’ve done in recent days, informing our readers about someone causing damage to a restroom at Miners Park in Negaunee and Lions Field in Marquette Township. Both locations are nice public recreation facilities that are open 24-7. At Miners Park, sand was liberally distributed in a restroom, potentially damaging the sewer system while rocks and pine cones were flushed down a toilet at Lions Field in an apparent attempt to block up the line.

Earlier, the athletic field in Marquette Township was damaged by vandals spinning donuts in vehicles.

All of the above required tax dollars to repair. That means funds that could have been used for something else had to be redirected to these repair jobs.

Marquette Township Manager Randy Girard called the rash of incidents “senseless,” and we couldn’t agree more. In all likelihood, the culprits in both circumstances are known to their friends and associates. It’s time people stepped up for what’s right and notified the authorities.

Negaunee residents are encouraged to call the Negaunee Police Department at 906-475-4154.

Vandalism in Marquette Township should be reported to the Marquette County Sheriff’s Office at 906-225-8435. It’s the right thing to do.


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