Congratulations to Mark Slown on his retirement

As Ishpeming seeks a new top administrator, it occurs to us that outgoing City Manager Mark Slown’s replacement has big shoes to fill.

Slown, who was hired by the city in 2013, retired from the position Wednesday.

Many vital projects have come to fruition under his leadership.

He worked hard to leverage state and local grant and loan funds in order to get the most out of every tax dollar for Ishpeming residents.

His tenure was not without a few bumps in the road and some controversy, but his accomplishments will leave a lasting impression in our view.

Consider the roundabouts at Second and Third streets — like them or hate them — as well as the new gateway signs on the east and west ends of the U.S. 41 corridor, the city’s $10.8 million water infrastructure project, the demolition of nearly 80 blighted buildings and countless other projects that can be placed in the city’s win column. All that happened under Slown’s watch.

In a recent interview, Slown said he cannot take full credit for any of the accomplishments during his tenure. He said a talented and dedicated city staff are responsible for those successes.

“I don’t want to be farewelled in the sense of, oh, he did all this or all that,” he said in a recent Journal article. “I mean, it’s not one person that does any of this stuff. It’s a combination of people, and I couldn’t have done anything without all the help of all these people that I have been working with.”

Slown has been the kind of city manager who has invested time and energy in the community in which he lives.

From helping pour concrete for sidewalks alongside other volunteers in the downtown Inspiration Zone, to weeding and planting flowers with other members of Ishpeming’s Beautification Committee,

Slown always seemed to be an “on-duty team player” in every sense.

We join the residents of Ishpeming in congratulating Slown on a well-deserved retirement.


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