Community steps up, assists with cart theft

There still are some good souls in the world.

Over the weekend, a Mining Journal carrier’s paper cart was stolen, making Bonnie Taylor’s job much more difficult since she carries a high number of Journal copies.

Near the end of her Saturday route, she left her wheeled cart by St. Peter Cathedral — a safe place, one would think.

Apparently not safe enough.

When Taylor returned to the area, the cart was gone. So, she went to the police.

Enter the power of social media. Shannon Carter, an employee in The Mining Journal Circulation Department, posted: “This is one of the most despicable and cruelest things I have seen in a long time. I had always thought that the people in our little town could depend on one another but apparently that is not the case.”

Desiree Aho of Marquette saw the Facebook post about the theft and decided to do something about it.

After the post was shared over 100 times, many people responded with offers to help.

Aho was the first to offer a cart for Taylor, and even was gracious toward the perpetrators in her good deed, noting that other people have done “hooligan stuff” when they were kids.

Carter as well as Brenda Cole, another Mining Journal Circulation Department employee, had Aho visit the Journal’s office on Tuesday to surprise Taylor with her cart.

Not only that, another individual dropped off a donation in an envelope on the same day.

Taylor, of course, was touched by the generosity shown to her.

“It’s enriching to think that people sympathized with me,” she told The Mining Journal on Tuesday.

Sure, her cart was stolen, which was an unkind thing to do. But then the basic good humanity of people turned an unfortunate situation into a good one.

We’re gratified to hear about how many people were willing to help Taylor, and although we don’t want her cart or anybody’s cart to be stolen again, the whole situation had a good outcome.