Think carefully about gifting animals for Easter

If you’re thinking it might be cute to get the kids some chicks, ducklings or even a bunny for their Easter basket, we’d ask that you think again.

Animal experts warn that very much like puppies and kittens at Christmas time, chicks, ducklings and bunnies are not good Easter basket stuffers. They grow quickly and the owners are typically unprepared to care for them properly.

Local animal shelters are often where these unwanted critters end up, putting additional stress on resources of that sort that are already taxed.

Rabbits in particular require a 10- to 12-year commitment of ownership, experts say. Chicks and ducklings often have health problems and can be fast growers. None of the above are good impulse buys for Easter.

We’d recommend that readers opt for chocolate animals to fill out an Easter basket. It may not be waistline friendly but it is the humane thing to do.