Old Beacon House being sold a key part of plan

We’d like to offer our congratulations to Beacon House officials, realty reps and others involved in the very recent sale of the former hospitality house in north Marquette to people from the Chicago area.

It was announced late last week that the building, located at 1301 N. Third St., had sold to buyers who wish only to be identified for now as “experienced hoteliers from the Chicago area,” Darlene Martin, associate broker/owner of Select Realty, who brokered the sale, said for a Mining Journal story in the matter. The developers plan what’s known as a boutique hotel with an opening eyed as early as July, she said.

A new facility will be named the Steve Mariucci Family Beacon House, as Mariucci, whose family was once guests at the Beacon House, has played an integral role in fundraising for the nonprofit, the Journal story related. About $900,000 in fundraising on Phase one of construction, which will take place on two acres near the new UP Health System-Marquette hospital, along Baraga Avenue.

“The old Beacon House loan is paid in full! Now, onto our next step ‘Operation Overnight’ and building the new Steve Mariucci Beacon House,” Tavernini Dowling wrote in a Facebook post that appeared in the Journal story.

Although there’s more fundraising to do for this project, and then construction itself looms, getting the old building sold has always been a key part of the process. We’re pleased that has happened and look forward to not only the new Beacon House opening at some point in the future but the old building being repurposed for a new use.


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