Try to spread a little goodness tomorrow

When you get out of bed and start your day tomorrow, don’t forget to spread goodness.

The first Spread Goodness Day was observed last year after being organized and promoted by local resident Anna Dravland. The day is set aside to, simply put, emphasize kindness. Last year, Dravland said she logged some 10,000 individual acts of kindness, everything from cheerful greetings to opening a door to assist a stranger. This year, she wants to top 1 million acts of kindness worldwide.

“I have almost no doubt in my mind that we’re going to meet that goal, people are being very, very amazing,” Dravland said for a recent Mining Journal story on the issue. “It’s about showing people the power they have to change the world every single day with simple goodness. So it’s just to empower people to understand that their actions literally change the world every single day.”

The Journal ran an advertisement in Tuesday’s paper with suggestions for Spread Goodness Day. Some of these include:

• Open a door for someone.

• Give someone in need a hug.

• Encourage your company, management and staff to participate by doing one good thing on the day of the event.

• Share your ideas of participation with other people, because that may inspire them to also participate.

• Host your own Spread Goodness Day event.

• Do something nice for a senior citizen or a veteran.

For more information or to find ways to participate, visit www.facebook.com/spreadgoodnessday or www.spreadgoodnessday.com.