Scammers using high tech to fleece people out of money

If nothing else, scammers are persistent, specifically the ones who are using an old trick punched up with some new technology.

Readers will recall several years ago scammers were calling residents in the region and elsewhere, demanding that credit card information be updated on the telephone.

Regrettably, more than one resident fell for the ruse back then, giving up credit card numbers that were used by the scammers to make illegal purchases.

Now, credit card scammers, cognizant that residents have likely smartened up and are less likely to be duped as they were in the past, are using technology that makes it look like the caller is local and that it’s the Michigan State Police.

Don’t be taken in. It, too, is a scam. Technology is readily available to make the number that appears on your caller ID seem local and legitimate when it may be coming from anywhere in the world. Neither the Michigan State Police nor any other police agency will ever ask for financial information from you over the telephone — period.

If readers have questions or concerns, call your local law enforcement agency. They’ll be glad to help.


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