MSP warning about new statewide email scam

Another email scam is out statewide, according to the Michigan State Police, and this one is especially nasty.

MSP’s Michigan Cyber Command Center has noted a substantial uptick in fraudulent emails containing malicious links or attachments that are being sent to businesses and individuals across Michigan. These most recent emails have had subject lines that include terms such as “Invoice” or “Receipt,” MSP advises. But don’t open it! The email contains an attachment or link to download a PDF, MS Word or Excel document that contains malware.

According to an MSP press release, infections have been a result of the Emotet virus. Once infected, the virus has been known to steal contact information from any email address book that the user maintains, which allows the scammer to send spoofed emails to the user’s contacts. Other side effects of the malware include the stealing of passwords or banking information, encryption of user files and spreading of the virus to other computers that may be connected to the user’s network, the MSP press release stated.

We’ve used this space in the past to advise care and caution be used in opening attachments on unfamiliar emails and that’s what we’re doing again. MSP notes users should consider if they are expecting an email or document from the “sender” prior to opening any attachments or clicking on any links. Suspicious emails should be sent to the trash.

The MSP press release notes information about this virus can be found at