While celebrating tonight, don’t forget about safety

New Year’s Eve is finally upon us. While many of us may be excited to party it up and bask in the typical behaviors that come with a night such as this, we must, once again, raise a note of caution.

Many of us will ponder making some New Year’s resolutions which we hope will improve our lives in some way or another. But one promise we should make to ourselves and others tonight is to celebrate safely.

Though that repetitive “safety is always important” mantra may cause eyes to roll into the back of heads from boredom or disdain with our lack of originality, another mantra may be more poignant: accidents happen.

You can try substituting that first word with another, an expletive we shouldn’t print here and consider it a rule of life.

No matter how cautious you may believe you’re being, an unfortunate circumstance can hamper your plans quickly.

People can slip walking on the sidewalk or down a flight of stairs and wind up with a broken ankle. It happens accidentally all the time.

Others get in fender benders, or more serious accidents, traveling along the route they take every day to and from work.

Revelers will be out in large numbers, counting down the minutes and seconds left in the 2018 calendar year, so pay attention if you’re traveling by vehicle through populated areas.

Another repetitive message for you: If you decide to imbibe and enjoy a few, or too many, alcoholic drinks tonight, choose to walk to and from your destination, or seek the services of a taxi or designated driver.

And remember, accidents don’t take time off for the holidays. That’s why we urge you to be extra cautious, careful and smart when celebrating New Year’s Eve tonight.