Letters to the Editor

Peace and blessings during the holidays

Peace and blessings during the holidays

To the Journal editor:

Christmas Day, (at the time of this writing), will soon be here. Because it seems we start the season so early with all the shopping and parties, etc., a lot of people are a little worn out.

Peace on Earth is something you see on Christmas cards. Or Happy Holidays. Do you want the real peace and joy of the season? Then try to remember the real meaning of Christmas.

As I’ve written before, for me it is the peace that only Jesus can provide. It’s on the inside. One has to let go of all the rushing around and trying to do too much.

Look about you. The real beauty of the clean white snow, clean air to inhale and see Lake Superior. Also to see stars on a clear night. When Christ came it was the star the shepherds saw and the wise men came to see the place where Jesus was. It was only the beginning, one has to read the rest of the story. It’s about love, forgiveness and a better life. Not only now but beyond this life. Take time to relax and enjoy the real joy of Christmas. It’s far better than any earthly gifts. A gift that lasts forever with Jesus Christ. That’s what the real Christmas is all about. I will be enjoying it and have the peace that passes all understanding, a promise of Jesus that has come true for me.

Christmas blessings to all.

William P. Maki