Stolen lifesaving equipment should be returned

Although some might argue that there is a certain degree of inevitability in all of this, we were surprised — and troubled — to learn earlier this week that thieves had stolen marine lifesaving equipment from locations along M-28 in Chocolay Township.

According to a press release distributed to local media by the Chocolay Township Police Department, the pilfered items include an orange and white rescue throw ring and two water rescue cans.

“When the equipment is stolen it takes time and money to replace,” the release states. “This also prevents the equipment from being used when needed.”

All of the items are marked “property of CTFD” in black paint, so it should be pretty apparent to anyone who sees this stuff to figure out what they’re looking at.

A $100 reward is being offered for any information that leads to the arrest and prosecution of the individual that took either of the items.

We sincerely hope the thieves (or perhaps thief) is caught, arrested and punished.

While it’s true the overall replacement value isn’t going to break Chocolay Township if, in fact, new items must be purchased, that’s hardly the point.

We hope the equipment is returned or otherwise located, and that is that.