Bob, Shirley Moore commemorate 75 years of love, life

A measure of how much someone is loved and admired can be determined by the actions of others when that someone reaches a milestone of some sort.

We offer that a special couple from Marquette is much beloved as they reach a wonderful mark this date, because The Mining Journal received multiple calls alerting us to the significance of today’s date for Bob and Shirley Moore.

Today is the couple’s 75th wedding anniversary. The “formal” write up for this huge anniversary will be on Sunday’s Together page in The Mining Journal but we wanted to add our congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Moore today.

The couple wed on Aug. 17, 1943 after a courtship that began in junior high.

Bob served our country as a fighter pilot during World War II, from 1942-46. He is remembered by many as the trumpeter who played “Taps” at local veterans funerals for decades.

Both Bob and Shirley have been active in the community, both in local government and in charitable enterprises. They raised a family and were part of the work force for many years.

It’s safe to say anyone who has been privileged to know them is wishing them nothing but the best as they celebrate seven-plus decades of togetherness.

It was a different era when the Moores said “I do.” A world was at war and everyone understood how precious every happy moment was.

No doubt in the past 75 years, the Moores have had times of great sorrow and great joy. But they have stayed together, loving one another through all that life has brought.

They’re a great example of how beautiful marriage can be. We wish them all the best on this day of great significance to them.

Happy Anniversary, Bob and Shirley Moore.