Congratulations to officers honored by MADD

A couple of our local police officers were recognized at the state level for their achievements related to the enforcement of impaired driving.

Marquette County Sheriff’s Office deputy Aaron Griffin and Ishpeming Police Department officer Kirby Frantti were honored earlier this month at a luncheon held in downstate Mount Pleasant.

The luncheon was organized by Mothers Against Drunk Driving of Michigan, and our two Upper Peninsula authority figures were honored for their efforts to fight the reckless behavior of driving while impaired by alcohol or other substances.

Griffin received the Outstanding Deputy award and Frantti received the Outstanding Rookie of the Year Award at the June 7 luncheon.

Griffin and Frantti are deserving of praise, and we’d like to congratulate them for earning such honors. We’d also like to simply thank them for the work they do each and every day they put on the uniform.

Drunken or drugged driving has too often caused devastating tragedies. In the newspaper business, too many times have we published headlines on fatal traffic accidents or crashes causing serious injuries, and in many of those, police have believed alcohol to be a factor.

With the Fourth of July holiday approaching, please consider your safety and the safety of others before getting behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking.

Choose instead to walk, call a taxi, designate a sober driver or simply stay home. Anything is better than choosing the alternative.

The seriousness of that decision cannot be underscored enough, and the outcome could be much worse than spending a night in jail. Making the decision to drive drunk is not a smart one, and you are putting lives at risk.