Collins congratulated for service on occasion of 90th birthday party

We’d like to add our voice to the chorus of people who are congratulating Jim Collins on the occasion of his 90th birthday.

A retired Marquette County District Court judge who sat on the bench from 1985 until 2004, Collins was the guest of honor at a surprise birthday bash Sunday in the chapel of the D.J. Jacobetti Home for Veterans

“This was a surprise, a very enjoyable surprise. I had not the slightest idea,” Collins said in remarks included in a Mining Journal story on the well-attended gathering. “I’ve always tried to help people to better themselves. I’ve enjoyed my life here and I’ve enjoyed working with the courts and the people in the courts, because we do have fine, fine people.”

Yes we do Judge Collins, and you’re one of them.

Collins served a distinguished career as an attorney in this area, practicing out of offices in the city of Negaunee before being elected to the district court bench in the mid 1980s. He worked for many years along side of now-retired District Judge Patricia Micklow, who was on hand Sunday for the festivities.

“Jim was very accepting and geniuely nice to work with, he was also committed to providing the best service he could to the people of Marquette County,” Micklow said. “Jim believed people who came into the district court were entitled to be treated with dignity and respect.”

Others who honored Judge Collins included former district court Magistrate Jennifer Bennon; state Rep. Sara Cambensy, D-Marquette; and Collins’ son, Matthew.

“I think he left a trail of goodness wherever he went. I see it all the time whenever we go out and we take him out for a meal, there’s always somebody in every restaurant we go to that comes up and says, ‘You know, your dad did this for me and I really appreciate that,'” Matthew said.

Speaking without hesitation for an appreciative community, thank you Judge Collins for many years of exemplary service.

And happy birthday!