Letters to the editor

Neighborly spirit shown in project

To the Journal editor:

Recently Smith Construction performed work for a number of residents along the Lake Superior Shoreline on M-28 in Harvey. We were hired to build rock retaining walls to protect their property against further shoreline erosion damage.

One of the challenges we faced when planning out this sort of work is accessing the shoreline itself. Several of the properties that required shoreline work did not have a way for us to get our equipment and large rock material to the beach to build the walls. Fortunately, adjacent neighboring property owners allowed us access through their property to work on neighboring properties that also had damage.

We’d like to acknowledge several residents who stepped up and graciously allowed their neighbors access to the shoreline through their property, specifically Carolyn St Cyr, Kim Weiger, Mike Kibler, and Ron Gingras. Without their kindness, their neighbors would not have been able to protect their homes and properties from further damage.

Smith Construction would like to thank them specifically for their neighborly spirit, and thank all of the residents on M-28 who allowed us to serve them.

Andrew Smith, president

Smith Construction