Gwinn clock tower restoration a community effort

“Time Marches On” is the theme for the Gwinn Fun Daze parade Saturday and it’s quite an appropriate one as the event is in part a celebration of the restoration of the community’s 100-year-old clock tower.

The clock tower will have its formal dedication at 11 a.m. Saturday, marking a seven-year journey by a stalwart group of volunteers who have labored tirelessly to bring the historic fixture back to life.

Built in 1914, the Gwinn clock tower was taken down in 1990 because of safety concerns. An initial restoration effort started in the 1990s but waned. However, when Gwinn celebrated its centennial seven years ago, another set of volunteers – led by Gerry Stille and Jeanette Maki – got to work on the project.

Due to their hard work and support from the public, the clock tower is back up and the clock is again ticking.

Clocks are a part of most people’s lives, be it to sound warning that its time to get ready for work, to keep track of daily tasks or to mark important moments, like the birth of a child or the passing of a loved one.

We congratulate all who were a part of bringing the beautiful clock that watches over Forsyth Township back to life.

When people look at it, we hope they’re reminded that people who set their minds to a project can achieve their goals, if only they put the time in.

Congratulations, Gwinn area for setting such a timely example.