Years of hard work pays off for NMU graduates

Another May and another graduation season begins with the Northern Michigan University spring commencement exercises.

It’s hard to fathom it can be graduation time already – especially with the snowy and cold April weather we experienced – but indeed at 10:30 a.m. Saturday in the Superior Dome in Marquette, NMU’s newest group of success stories will pick up the diplomas for which they have worked so hard.

We know family and friends will be there to cheer on those who have earned their degrees. Those who cannot be there in person for the graduation festivities can watch either on WNMU-TV 13, if they live in the Upper Peninsula, or on the Internet via the America One/B2 Networks which will be streaming the ceremony live via the Internet, free of charge. Visit nmu.edu to find out more about that.

The university is a huge part of the community and by that we don’t just mean Marquette. NMU’s presence is important to not just the city proper but outlying areas as well. After all, many of Northern’s best and brightest come from the small towns all around the Upper Peninsula.

Moreover, a university like NMU brings diversity to the area, drawing in students from all parts of the globe and from all sorts of cultural traditions. It enhances the learning experience and the life of a region to have all sorts of individuals be part of life in the area.

We wish each Northern Michigan University graduate great luck in finding a niche in the world. That means work that not just supports one’s living but enriches one’s life.

In other words, we hope these young people find not just a job but also a future filled with satisfaction and joy.

Congratulations, Class of 2014.