Letters to the Editor

Sacrifice honored

To the Journal editor:
So many people seem unaware that (today) is a day set aside by Congress for the specific purpose of remembering and thanking those who died while fighting for America.
I’ve observed countless times on Memorial Day those who “thank a veteran,” often with no mention whatsoever of those who “gave all.” We veterans, and those currently serving, are specifically honored with our own special days, on Nov. 11th, and on Armed Forces Day, respectively.
If you must “thank a veteran” on this day, so be it, but I have no doubt that every one of them would agree that our brothers-and-sisters-in-arms who sacrificed their lives defending this country are in a category head and shoulders above every last one of us, and that we are not worthy of being mentioned, much less “thanked,” in the same breath as those who never got the chance to be a “veteran.”
On behalf of my fellow vets, please remember, pray for, and give your full gratitude (today) on Memorial Day to the ones for whom the day is intended: Those who gave that “last full measure of devotion,” and who deserve it so much more than we veterans ever could.
Jerry Carnes, veteran
U.S. Marine Corps

Save Lake Bancroft

To the Journal editor:
Lake Bancroft in Ishpeming will be undergoing water remediation treatment in July and August to combat eutrophication, reoxygeneate its waters and improve its aquatic biota, stopping summer algal blooms. To that end, it is very important that people obey Ishpeming’s anti-dumping law and refrain from depositing yard waste and other materials into the lake.
Before we begin treating the lake with food-grade polymer flocculant this summer, a weeding crew from the Lake Superior Partnership will help remove debris from shore but will be unable to remove all vegetative debris that has been dumped into the lake over time.
We are most concerned about recent dumping because some individual placed strawlike bales on the lake ice sometime during the past winter.
These bales have since sunk into the lake, where they add to the overall, unwanted nutrient load of organophosphates and nitrates in the water.
While many people have dumped yard waste into the lake over the years, we ask that this practice now stop completely so as not to complicate the clean up process we are beginning.
Lake Bancroft is Ishpeming’s jewel! Let it shine! When the waters are clear, the fountains will return. Please do your part to bring back the fountains and assure Lake Bancroft’s future health — don’t dispose of yard waste or other materials in our lake!
Thank you.
Maureen LaWent, secretary
Lake Bancroft Committee

Mailbox tops key

To the Journal editor:
With the harsh winter now past and the spring season well underway, the month of May is typically designated as mailbox improvement month and the U.S. Postal Service is asking all Marquette County homeowners to inspect and repair their mailboxes.
Repairing suburban and rural mailboxes improves the appearance of your community and makes delivering and receiving mail safer for your carrier and more secure and weather proof for our customers.
The postal service makes this annual request because of the wear and tear that occurs to mailboxes every year. This is especially important after the effects of last winter.
Some of the typical activities that may need to be done include:
? Replacing loose hinges on a mailbox door.
? Repainting a mailbox that may have rusted or started peeling.
? Remounting a mailbox post if loosened.
? Replacing or adding house numbers.
If a homeowner plans to install a new mailbox or replace a worn one, he or she must use only Postal Service approved traditional, contemporary service mailboxes.
Customers should be careful when purchasing curbside mail receptacles because the use of unapproved boxes is prohibited. Customers may use a custom-built mailbox, but they must consult with your local office to ensure it conforms to guidelines applying to height, flag, size, strength, and quality of construction.
For more information on the use of names or numbers on mailboxes, or answers to any other questions, please contact your local Postmaster in your zip code area.
Thank you for using the US Postal Service.
M. Patrick Frye, postmaster