New phone scam in area seeks to bilk residents

Regrettably, we find it necessary to once again use this space to issue an alert to local residents about a telephone scam that is apparently working in our area.

According to a press release emailed to area media Friday afternoon by the Chocolay Township Police Department, the caller identifies himself as a member of their family, typically a grandchild.

As the yarn goes, this so-called relative has been arrested and needs money for bond.

At this point, according to authorities, the phone is turned over to another person (the name Lewis Miller has been used) who identifies himself as their public defender.

He then asks that money be transferred from their account to another bank.

Needless, all of it is bogus and once the money is transferred, it’s gone – for good.

We join CTPD and all other police agencies in imploring residents to not fall for this thinly-veiled fraud.

People who receive these calls should simply hang up.