New North Star program will offer new opportunity

Another early education opportunity could be available to area youngsters come fall with North Star Academy’s announcement it’s opening a Montessori preschool program, contingent on enrollment numbers.

Karen Anderson, North Star’s CEO and superintendent, said the program would need at least 15 students signed up by April 30 to be given the go-ahead by the school’s board of directors.

She also said the program was introduced after the community and parents pointed out the need for it.

We think this is another great opportunity for our kids to be as prepared as possible when they enter the K-12 school system.

And it also seems early childhood education is one of the few things everyone can agree on these days.

Politicians on both sides of the aisle and from every level of political office have extolled the virtues and inherent value of good, strong, quality early childhood education programming.

Gov. Rick Snyder understands its importance, investing $65 million in Michigan kids this fiscal year while calling for an additional $65 million next year.

President Barack Obama even took some time during his State of the Union address to hold forth on the subject.

Time and again, research has shown that dollars invested in the education of children at a young age end up saving all of us money in the long run as students with good educations are less likely to end up in prison or needing some sort of state or federal assistance to get by. They are more apt to get and hang on to family-sustaining jobs and more likely to raise kids who will do the same. And as we all know, a good education rests on a solid foundation.

Quality early childhood education is always something we as a community should support, and we’re happy to see North Star Academy reaching out to provide this service to our kids.