Gwinn schools cited for being tops in Marquette County

Congratulations must go out to the Gwinn Area Community Schools for doing so well in an educational review.

It was revealed recently that the Center for Michigan’s Bridge Magazine Academic State Champs study released late last month ranks Gwinn Area Community Schools as the best district in Marquette County. A front page story in Wednesday’s Mining Journal authored by Staff Writer Jackie Stark had details.

According to Stark, this is the third year the magazine has completed the study, which ranked a total of 540 school districts across the state using standardized test scores as an academic standard and student eligibility for free or reduced lunch as an indicator of economic status.

Stark wrote the Gwinn district came in at 40th, which includes it in the top 10 percent of schools on the list. A total of 65.6 percent of Gwinn students are eligible for free or reduced lunch, according to the study which used a ranking system that measured “student achievement of schools enrolling students of comparable family income.”

This meant that though the study examined only standardized test scores as an academic bar, it also looked at the socioeconomic status of students taking those tests, Stark noted.

However the results were calculated, it’s a pleasure to see the Gwinn district getting some positive publicity, for a change. The school has been beset with a myriad of very public problems in recent years, including never-ending budget issues and ugly political spats between staff and the board.

Gwinn has outstanding people running and teaching in the district, and the students are among the best in our book.