100DayArtProject a good way to get community involved

It’s our belief that arts and culture play a critical role in the fabric of a community.

That’s why we were so pleased to learn of a community-wide arts program that will span some 100 days.

The Community 100DayProject art project will have participants work on an artistic endeavor every day for 100 consecutive days. A story in Friday’s Mining Journal authored by Staff Writer Christie Bleck had full details.

Friday’s story focused on the role that several local residents are playing in the project.

For example, Joy Bender Hadley, a teacher at North Star Academy in Marquette Township, is involved with a project that will connect a series of cloth, or “spirit flags,” that are similar to Nepalese prayer flags.

Hadley began the project on the 100DayProject kickoff date of Jan. 21. Her flag art is new for her, Bleck wrote.

Marquette’s Diane Raven is exploring ways of transforming the Lake Superior watershed landscape into a visual form using photography, pen-and-ink and watercolor. Mike Loeffler, who lived in Houghton but moved to Minneapolis, is exploring bird forms to inspire later wood carvings while Tammy Wills of Marquette is using only recycled materials for her project.

We like this project because of the great diversity of outcomes possible. More than 165 people are now involved.

The work will be on display May 17 at the Ore Dock Brewing Co. in Marquette.

You should check it out.