Slain journalist Pearl worthy of downstate honor

Every type of discipline has it’s heroes.

Professional firefighters, for example, can and do point to the firemen and women who died in the World Trade Center on 9/11.

If you make your living in law enforcement, Trooper Paul Butterfield of the Michigan State Police made the ultimate sacrifice just weeks ago.

For journalists, it might be Daniel Pearl, who died covering fighting in Pakiston in 2002. Pearl was a reporter who worked for the Wall Street Journal.

To honor Pearl, The Associated Press reports that the Flint Jewish Federation will bring Daniel Pearl World Music Day to the University of Michigan-Flint Theater on Oct. 6.

The federation also plans to award a $500 scholarship to a Genesee County high school student who wins an essay contest sponsored by The Flint Journal.

Entrants are asked to answer the question, “Why does journalism matter in today’s world?”

It matters because the truth matters. Pearl knew and understood that. We hope his readers did, too.