Response questioned

To the Journal editor:

On Sept. 7, I was going to the convenience store on K.I. Sawyer when I saw a man lying on the sidewalk. I immediately stopped to see what was wrong.

He appeared to be in need of medical but of all days I had forgotten my cell phone. I waited for someone else to stop and they called 911. We were told that the situation had already been called in. Police assistance was again requested and then we waited. We waited for approximately 45 minutes.

Finally, another man stopped. He happened to be an off duty paramedic returning home from Escanaba. When he called his dispatcher it took five minutes for three state police cars to arrive and 10 minutes for an ambulance to reach the scene.

I believe that the length of response time was another case of, “It is just Sawyer.” My husband and I have for a long time felt the local authorities do not care about what happens on Sawyer.

We have a good community and are happy living here. But, why shouldn’t we expect better response from those who protect and serve.