Questions that Trump’s supporters must consider

Mohey Mowafy

It is probably clear as day and only a day after his inauguration, Mr. Trump has proven how seriously dangerous he and his agenda are to our country, its democracy, and its respect for the rule of law.

On the global stage, the assessment of his actions and words are hardly less dangerous or offensive.

It is just as difficult to understand the stance of the GOP leadership as they continue supporting, him as he devalue everything we have held valuable and sacred for so long. For what, I ask? If for any reasons, during the campaign and after the election, they had hoped that he will change and become the president for all Americans instead of continuing his approach to receive the same adoration from his base.

I had hoped that they are right, that he will change. Well, they should not wait any longer. I realize that the “stuff” he throws at us on a daily basis is reaching a frequency we have never witnessed before, let alone the volumes of diversions we face just as frequently.

Even the wickedest of humans, do sometimes evolve to see their own dishonesty and rise from their own created ashes to do what is right. Mr. McConnell, Mr. Ryan, Mr. Hatch, etc., I hope you are considering that. I hope that you will, soon, prefer country over party.

Here is an example. Watching Paul Ryan and Mr. McConnell “defending” the building of the wall, by calling it a fence, and defending the hallucination that Mexico will pay for it by saying: “Mexico will eventually contribute one way or another” and to embarrassingly go along with calling the ban not a ban, etc., is shocking.

Have you carefully examined the potential consequences of offending a country which is now our most valuable ally in the fight against ISIL (Iraq)?

In a brilliant essay by John Allen, a retired U.S. Marine Corps general who led the international coalition to counter the Islamic State 2014-15 and is a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution: “Though he campaigned with the urgent goal of defeating the Islamic State and reasserting American greatness, President Trump has embarked on a policy that could in fact lead to the loss of U.S. influence in the Middle East.”

As for his remark to the CIA, “To the victor goes the spoils,” this is what Gen. Allen wrote: “He is apparently tone-deaf to the global reaction to this kind of talk.

Clearly, such a dark age’s savage language is a miraculous encouragement to ISIL in recruiting new jihadi’s just as they were suffering great losses in Iraq. We might candidly ask ourselves, ‘How would we feel if someone is threatening to pillage our natural resources?”

For all who can find it easy to dismiss how dark and ominous the playful Russian hand was in smoothing his road to be elected, where do you stand? Almost every day, we learn that Putin is not just a nice guy who just says nice things about Mr. Trump.

In our president’s own words, his baffling closeness to Putin is an “asset.” Any thoughts on this? I ask those who are underestimating Putin’s aggressive activities, were you around since the end of World War II? Do you really know how Russia is ruled, and what its view of us, are? Whether it is Putin or anyone before him?

Except, of course, Putin is the ultimate patriotic former KGB big kahuna who believes that: 1. Russia must become the Soviet Union again, and; 2. He must and will be the richest man who ever lived.

Mr. Trump’s dream to lift the sanctions against Russia despite the fact that Russia did not, and will not, do anything about its imperialistic actions which necessitated the sanctions in the first place. This must raise questions and eyebrows.

Trivializing and aggressively insulting the millions of us who have vowed to act like free Americans by peacefully resisting a coming Tyranny leaves me with a haunting question.

No matter how supportive you are of Mr. Trump, do you honestly find nothing wrong in issuing gag orders on highly essential government’s agencies, on scientists, on free thinkers, not to mention the order has issued to the media to “shut up” to be OK?

I ask you if you have ever lived under a dictator who gags his people and imprison his critics. The Russians, under Putin do.

These are just but a few troubling questions swirling in my head lately.

Editor’s note: Mohey Mowafy is a retired Northern Michigan University professor.