Michael Leonard Chevrette

NEGAUNEE, MI – Michael Leonard Chevrette decided on June 20th that he had enough of the wheelchair he spent 45 years in, so he decided to stand up and walk his way out of this world and into the awaiting arms of his mom and dad. Mike spent his last few moments with us laughing and joking and telling stories about his past.

We talked about him being born May 17th, 1962 in Negaunee, Michigan, where he graduated from Negaunee High School in 1980. We spoke of all the friends he had made while growing up in Negaunee and all the sports he played. He adored his mom and dad, Peter and Dolores and he tolerated most of the time his siblings Peter, Mary, Bruce and Dan. He loved his family and his relatives, his friends and people in his life that helped mold him into the man he would later become.

We talked about all of his accomplishments while here amongst us, as he would never speak of them himself. Mike even received the outstanding disabled American of the year award presented to him by Senator Bob Dole which I’m guessing almost no one was aware of it.

Mike also kept a huge part of his heart reserved for his nieces and nephews. Chelsea, Samantha, Jason and Joe. Arthur and Sarah. Shannon, Daniel, Felecia, Mark and Nicholas. We also talked about all of the places Mike had traveled over the years and all of the people he had met and the impact he made in their lives.

So finally, there is a few people Mike spoke frequently about, they were the people responsible for Mike’s personal care. These people may never know just how much they were loved and cherished by Mike and his family, they were by his side every day and deserve to be singled out and praised for all the sacrifice they made to make Mike’s life a little easier. They are Mark, Melissa, Autumn and Janelle. And then there is Jessica Wentland, an angel sent from heaven to spend the last 17 years of Mike’s life by his side. This young lady did more for our brother as his (PCA) personal care attendant, then all of the people in Mike’s life combined. We will never be able to thank her enough for all she did for Mike. From the bottom of all of our hearts thank you Jess.

Please join us in celebrating Mike’s life July 23rd, at the Silver Lake resort in Channing, Michigan, at 2pm eastern 1pm central