History quiz

QUESTION: On Kate’s Grade, south of Gwinn, there is a monument to Peter Trudell, Jr., longtime president of the Northern Michigan Sportsman’s Association, and a fierce advocate for effective management of hunting and fishing opportunities in the U.P. But his father, Peter Trudell, Sr., was also locally famous. What for?

A. He was the sole survivor of the Barnes-Hecker mining disaster.

B. He was one of the founders of the town of Republic.

C. He was Negaunee’s last surviving Civil War veteran.

D. He owned and operated the first movie theater in Ishpeming.

ANSWER: C. A French-Canadian, Trudell came to the U.S. during the Civil War, first to work in shipyards in Cleveland and then enlisting in the Union Army in 1862. After the war he settled in Negaunee, where he worked for the railroad, married, had five children, and eventually had a confectionery and newsstand in the post office.


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