DB-TC bids farewell to superintendent

DOLLAR BAY – Jan C. Quarless, Ph.D., was recognized for his service as superintendent of the Dollar Bay – Tamarack City Area Schools recently, as he prepares to retire after 12 years in his position.

George Stockero, Copper Country Intermediate School District superintendent, was on hand at the DB – TC school boar meeting to wish “Dr. Q” well in his retirement.

“Dr.Q came here 12 years ago and I am here to recognize those 12 years,” Stockero said. “Personally, professionally, I am very proud to have known Dr. Q. What he has done here in Dollar Bay is awesome. The things that have happened in the last 12 years stand on their own merits. It’s been a pleasure to know him.”

Stockero recalled the days when he was employed in the Chassell Township Schools, attending football games between his school system and Dollar Bay – Tamarack City Area Schools.

“I loved the times Chassell and Dollar Bay played together, and Dr. Q would come over and we’d have fun talking to each other and I always told Q I was so impressed with the Dollar Bay students,” Stockero said. “I mean, the school spirit, the camaraderie, the politeness, and I think that comes from the top down. I just believe that after 12 years he deserves to be recognized.”

Quarless was presented with a plaque by Stockero, as well as an additional gift.

“The superintendents want to say ‘thank you,’ and wish him luck, and even though he might not want my name on a plaque somewhere, even more importantly, we have a gift for him to take his wife and daughter out and enjoy a nice meal and reflect on the last 12 years.”

A native of Iron River, Michigan, Quarless spent 27 years as a collegiate football coach at several universities before entering the K-12 school education system in 2002, 12 of those years he spent as superintendent of DB -TC Area Schools.

Quarless said he is not sure what he will do after he retires, although he and his wife plan to stay in the area.

“My wife wants to work for another year. She works out over at the Health Department. She’s a heck of a nurse.”


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