Excellence saluted: NMU honors 40 with award

MARQUETE — Northern Michigan University celebrated 40 students who received an Excellence in Education Research Award. This award includes $1,500 and a one-credit tuition scholarship when the students enroll in a grant-required course that is directly related to their research project.

The awards are intended to assist graduate students with scholarly research and creative works that will enhance academic experience and professional growth.

The 2022 Excellence in Education Award winners include:

Jennifer (Gendelman) Vigilan, Biology Department, researching seasonal response and habituation by American beavers to predator urine, with adviser John Bruggink.

Lucas Beck, Biology Department, researching modeling wolf homesite selection over the pup-rearing season in Northern Minnesota, with adviser John Bruggnik.

Sydney Climie, Psychological Sciences Department, researching if saliva-based miR-320c expression is associated with concussion symptoms severity, with adviser Joshua Carlson.

Zoa Coudret, English Department, researching a thesis in Wisconsin and Minnesota, with adviser Jennifer Howard.

Emma Drever, English Department, researching a queer manifesto, with adviser Lesley Larkin.

Ariel Edwards, Biology Department, assessing the current status of Lake Superior predator food web, with adviser Brandon Gerig.

Benjamin Fidler, English Department project, with adviser Matt Frank.

Harrison Garcia, Health and Human Performance Department, researching associations between job-related factors affected by Covid-19 and career burnout in certified athletic trainers, with adviser Megan Nelson.

Kenzie Grover, Biology Department, exploring diversity and reconstructing the histories of a group of tapeworms: the anoplocephalidae and paranoplocephala species complexes, with adviser Kurt Galbreath.

Paul Joseph Haduck, Biology Department, researching the diversity of midges in a small northwoods stream, with adviser Mac Strand.

Olivia Hall, Biology Department, researching invasive arion fuscus distribution and impact in the Great Lakes Region, with adviser Alan Rebertus.

Rachel Hauch, English Department, volunteering as an English teacher at LCC International University (Lithuania), with adviser Z.Z. Lehmberg.

Madeline Hernstrom-Hill, English Department, researching miraculous stories and marvelous sites, with adviser Jennifer Howard.

Callan Herst, Biology Department, necrobiome succession to determine post-mortem interval, with adviser Josh Sharp.

Mandy Joslyn, Biology Department, researching from eggs to exodus: the influence of local temperatures in PMI estimations using maggot development, with adviser Josh Sharp.

Dahlia Kassel, Psychological Sciences Department, researching shared and unique patterns of resting-state functional connectivity linked to eye-tracking measures of attentional and interpretation biases for negative emotional information, with adviser Lin Fang.

Camila Luz Ledoux Garcia, English Department, researching sleeplessness in Cyberspace, chapbook – incommensurable, with adviser Jennifer Howard.

Brett Mattson, English Department, researching ascribes and declared: representation and portrayal of non-white voices in romantic British literature, with adviser Russel Prather.

Erika Meints, Biology Department, researching the effects of prescribed fire on native flora and invasive typha x glauca in northern wetlands in Voyageurs National Park, Minnesota, with adviser Alan Rebertus.

Juan Carlos Mendoza Flores, Psychological Sciences Department, exploring the nature of cognitive flexibility: an eye-tracking study, with adviser Lin Fang.

Dan Monhollon, Biology Department, researching seasonality of adult brook trout movement and habitat use dynamics in a shallow stream, with adviser Jill Leonard.

Amy Munes, Biology Department, researching environmental effects on common loon telomeres, with adviser Alec Lindsay.

Emily Mydlowski, Biology Department, researching an expression of the cryptic relationship between bdelloid rotifers and the liverwort, frullania eboracensis, with adviser Alan Rebertus.

Nahir Negron-Frenandez, Health and Human Performance Department, researching the effects of step-rate training on factors that influence running economy and biomechanics, with adviser Matt Kilgas.

Lisandra Perez, English Department, researching empezamos aqui, with adviser Matt Kilgas.

Justin Pinero, Biology Department, researching tourism-induced physiological stress modulates brown bear gut microbiomes, with adviser Diana Lafferty.

Hilary Rinseland, Biology Department, determining bartonella prevalence and diversity in pika fleas, with adviser Kurt Galbreath.

Nadine Rodriguez, English Department, researching sowing cherubim, with adviser Jennifer Howard.

Asha Rustad, Biology Department, researching the role of msBDNF-TrkB in regulating mitochondrial populations through mitochondrial adaptor protein miro 1, with adviser Erich Ottem.

Alex Schaub, Health and Human Performance Department, researching the effects of static versus dynamic cupping on ankle dorsiflexion, with adviser Megan Nelson.

Nadine Sikora, Health and Human Performance Department, researching the effects of resistance training on endogenous testosterone, with adviser Elizabeth Wuorinen.

Collin Smith, Biology Department, researching recombinase polymerase amplification of IDH1 mutation, with adviser Robert Winn.

Julia Talen, English Department, researching dendrochronology and other poems, with adviser Matt Frank.

Nicole Thomas, Psychological Sciences Department, researching the relationship between apolipoprotein E gene expression and chemotherapy induced cognitive impairment, with adviser Amber LaCrosse.

Sarah Triemstra, Health and Human Performance Department, researching the effect of eccentric nordic hamstring training on hamstring fascicle length in females, with adviser Scott Drum.

Faith VanDrunen, Biology Department, qualifying the effect of altered flow regime on larval fish production in St. Marys River rapids, with adviser Brandon Gerig.

Esperanza Vargas Macias, English Department, researching La mujer durmiente y otros cuentos, with adviser Jennifer Howard.

Sydny Waterman, Biology Department, researching the diet of midges of a small northwoods stream, with aviser Mac Strand.

Michael Woodworth, Biology Department, researching spawning site selection and sexual menstration in southern Lake Superior burbot, with adviser Jill Leonard.

Carson Yahrmarkt, Psychological Sciences Department, researching pausing in rich-lean transitions controlled by spatially diffuse versus spatially localized stimuli, with adviser Cory Toegel.

For more information, visit https://nmu.edu/sponsoredprograms.


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