MEA awards scholarships to local students

Every year since 1997, the Michigan Education Association awards scholarships to students from Michigan Public Schools and Upper Michigan students have done very well in receiving the scholarships.

Madelyn Koski of Westwood High School was a recipient of a $1,200 scholarship this year.

Repeat winners receiving a $700 scholarships were Taylor Jancsi (Gwinn Area Schools), Breanna Johnson (Negaunee Public Schools), and Mallory Jayne (Kingsford High School).

Since 1997, the MEA Scholarship Fund has awarded 650 scholarships totaling $710,840 to graduates of Michigan Public Schools.

The MEA Scholarship fund is financed through voluntary contributions of members, staff, MEA-Retired and an MEA Scholarship Golf Outing held in Lansing every year.

MEA-Retired members evaluate all applicants and send the selections to the MEA Board of Trustees for approval.


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