Fire poster contest winners listed

Theodore Hokenson, second grade winner at Graveraet, is pictured. McCarty Jones is not pictured.
From left, the Grand Prize winner at Sandy Knoll is McCarty McKie. The fifth grade winner is Lola Sued.
From left, the first grade winner at Superior Hills is Madelyn Patrick. The second grade winner is Brianna Higbie. The third grade winner is Kasey Anderson (not pictured). The Grand Prize winner is Avery Osborne.
From left, the Grand Prize winner at Father Marquette is Elin Betz. The third grade winner is McKayla Balmes.

MARQUETTE — The Marquette Fire Department would like to thank all the teachers and students who participated in this year’s poster contest.

The winners from each school are listed above. There is a Grand Prize winner from each school who received a ride to school in a fire truck.

All contest winners received a T-shirt.