County Board gives Jim Reevs award of recognition

Former publisher of The Mining Journal Jim Reevs receives an award of recognition from the Marquette County Board of Commissioners at a board meeting in August. The board recognized Reeves and Mining Journal staff for their professionalism and dedicated efforts in informing the people of Marquette County of the activities of the local, county, state and federal government, said Chairman Gerald Corkin.“Free press is the backbone of democracy in this country,” Corkin said. “You don’t have to always like what the media reports, but it’s their job to do the best job that they have and they’ve overall done a fair job in Marquette County balancing the good and the not so good things, so we really appreciate it Jim.” With the award the board extended its appreciation to Reeves for his professional reporting and “outstanding community involvement.”“I appreciate the recognition,” Reevs said. “I was a little surprised because sometimes we were a little bit tough on the board, but when things are going good we also recognized you and I think you are going in the right direction right now. I compliment the commissioners on doing that. I really do appreciate the honor and thank you for the recognition and keep up the good work that you’re doing now.”