NMU announces December graduates

MARQUETTE — Northern Michigan University announces its graduates. The following students from your area satisfied their degree requirements in December .


Iron Mountain — Joseph Berglund, CER-Welding

Ishpeming — Tyler Balwinski, CER-Welding; Kirk Guckenberg, CER-Welding; Averie Kangas, CER-Esthetics; Jordan Musser, CER-Welding

Marquette — Jake Carps, CER-Computer Numeric Control Tech; Stuart Rosemurgy, CER-Welding

Negaunee — Kelsi Cox, CER-Deaf Studies; Thomas Mager, CER-Industrial Maintenance

Shingleton — Nicole WihowskiCER-Esthetics

Associate Degree

Champion — Brandon Hietikko, AAS-Climate Control Technology, with Honor; Cambri Ostola, AAS-Clinical Laboratory Technology

Channing — Savannah Green, AAS-General University Studies

Chatham — Jennifer Koish, AAS-Surgical Technology

Escanaba — Callie Heller, AS-Criminal Justice, with Honor

Gwinn — Samantha Sharp, AAA-Art and Design; Stephen Simpler, AAS-General University Studies, with Honor

Iron Mountain — Joseph Berglund, AAS-Industrial Maintenance; Emily Formolo, AAS-General University Studies; Ethan Metras, AS-Criminal Justice; Alissa Pacaitis, AAA-Art and Design

Ishpeming — Amie Axford, AAS-Hospitality Management; Tyler Balwinski, AAS-Industrial Maintenance; Steven Bertucci, AAS-Building Technology, with High Honor; Paul Harju, AAS-Climate Control Technology; Martha Kilpela, AAS-General University Studies; Jesse McGovern, AAS-Climate Control Technology; Jordan Musser, AAS-Industrial Maintenance, with Honor; Noah Olgren, AAS-Electrical Technology, with Honor; Stephanie Perry, AB-Health Information Processing; Austin Wilkins, AAS-General University Studies

Lake Linden — Casandra Chandonais, AAS-Surgical Technology

Little Lake — Alicia Laituri, AAS-Paralegal

Marquette — Jessica Barber, AAS-Surgical Technology, with High Honor; Brittney Bilski, AAS-Surgical Technology, with Honor; Brooke Bradley, AAS-General University Studies; James Brown, AAS-Industrial Maintenance; Kimberly Carlson, AAS-Clinical Laboratory Technology; Joseph Collick, AAS-Climate Control Technology; Joseph Ferzacca, AAS-Building Technology; Mikhail Klebba, AAS-Electrical Technology; Brianne Phillips, AAS-General University Studies; Athena Reynolds, AAS-General University Studies; Kennedy Smith, AB-General Business; Kalysta Sormunen, AAS-Industrial Maintenance; Samantha ZieglerAAS-General University Studies, with Honor

Baccalaureate Degree

Baraga — Samantha Maki, BS-Accounting; Julia VanAlstine, BS-Criminal Justice

Bark River — Travis Thetford, BS-Management of Health & Fitness

Bessemer — Heather Higgins, BS-Biology

Big Bay — Jacob Kiesby, BS-Applied Workplace Leadership

Calumet — Tristan Baranowski, BS-Language Arts/Elementary Ed, Magna Cum Laude; Rachel Darnell, BS-Entrepreneurship; Terra Erkkila, BS-Language Arts/Elementary Ed, Cum Laude

Chassell — Jedd Kangas, BS-Construction Management, Cum Laude

Crystal Falls — Patricia Lange, BSN-Nursing

Escanaba — Zoe Berquist, BS-Clinical Health Science; Joseph Harrison, BSN-Nursing; Mary Houle, BS-Management, Cum Laude; Caleb Lancour, BS-Economics, Magna Cum Laude; Jed Larsen, BS-Marketing, Cum Laude; Olivia Theut, BSW-Social Work

Felch — Bradley Gustafson, BS-Physical Education/Coaching, Cum Laude; Logan O’Neil, BS-Accounting

Gladstone — Michael Jewell, BS-English/Secondary Education, Magna Cum Laude; Cody Malanowski, BS-Criminal Justice; Michael Rymkos, BS-Management; Kayla Wiltzius, BS-Music

Gwinn — Samantha Bell, BS-Marketing, Magna Cum Laude; Karli Bigham, BSN-Nursing; Clara Churchill, BS-Biology; Hannah Erickson, BS-Accounting, Cum Laude; Erik Flinn, BS-Mathematics, Magna Cum Laude; Benjamen Lauren, BS-Mechanical Engineering Tech; Allison LaVigne, BSN-Nursing, Cum Laude; Sharon Prystup, BS-Sociology/Liberal Arts; Taylor Ring, BSN-Nursing, Summa Cum Laude; Elaine Schuhmacher, BSN-Nursing; Rachel Wood, BA-International Studies

Harvey — Ross Maki, BS-Industrial Technologies, Cum Laude

Houghton — Kayla Destrampe, BS-Community Health Education; Konrad Klein, BS-Criminal Justice; Annika Wheeler, BS-Mathematics/Elementary Ed, Magna Cum Laude

Iron Mountain — Samantha Gerber, BS-Criminal Justice

Ishpeming — Ella Bertucci, BA-International Studies; Hannah Bertucci, BS-Psychology; Nicholas Bordine, BS-Info Assurance/Cyber Defense, Summa Cum Laude; Cortney Caliguri, BS-Criminal Justice; Courtney Clickner, BS-Accounting; Shelby Gardner, BS-Marketing; Kirk Guckenberg, BS-Industrial Tech/Secondary Ed, Summa Cum Laude; Steven Hintsala, BS-Finance & Risk Management, Summa Cum Laude; Jared Jarvi, BS-Management of Health & Fitness, Magna Cum Laude; Cody Kuliu, BS-Finance & Risk Management; Jeffery Maki, BS-English/Writing; Devin Murphy, BS-Theatre & Entertainment Arts, Magna Cum Laude; Toni Pellonpaa, BSN-Nursing; Nicole Richer, BS-Management; Alexandra Sandin, BFA-Art and Design; Hannah Spencer, BS-Communication Studies, Summa Cum Laude; Jeremy Whitmire, BS-Public Administration, Magna Cum Laude

L’Anse — Ashley Bugni, BS-Marketing; Deena Misegan, BSN-Nursing; Madissen Swanson, BS-Management of Health & Fitness

Marquette — Jasmine Alder, BS-Psychology/Graduate Prep, Cum Laude; Gabriel Apple, BS-Sports Science; Natalie Apple, BS-Marketing; Gabriel Appleton, BS-Computer Science, Magna Cum Laude; Jessica Barber, BS-Clinical Health Science, Magna Cum Laude; Kallian Behm, BS-Psychology; Monique Berg, BS-Management; Brittney Bilski, BS-Clinical Health Science, Cum Laude; Helen Boburka, BS-Mathematics, Magna Cum Laude; Patrick Burtis, BS-Social Studies/Secondary Ed; Courtney Carlson, BS-Cognitive Impairment/Elem Ed; Jake Carps, BS-Industrial Technologies; Samantha Carter, BA-Media Production and New Tech, Cum Laude; Eric Chapman, BS-Management, Cum Laude; Ethan Chapman, BS-Psychology; Elijah Claucherty-Swemline, BS-Communication Studies; Lindsey Cochran, BS-English/Writing; Kelly Emard, BS-Athletic Training; Erin Emington, BS-Fisheries and Wildlife Mgmt; Olivia Engelhardt, BS-Environ Studies & Sustain, Magna Cum Laude; Chase Fair, BS-Biology; Kaylee Feltner, BS-Communication Studies; Paul Flint, BS-Finance & Risk Management; Amanda Fritsch, BS-Environ Studies & Sustain; Amanda Furr, BS-Clinical Laboratory Science; Jennifer Gallagher, BSN-Nursing; William Gencay, BS-Environmental Science, Cum Laude; Makayla Grange, BSN-Nursing; Derek Griffin, BS-Criminal Justice; Lindsay Harter, BS-Earth Science; Emma Hohman, BS-Marketing; Cali Hunter, BS-Multimedia Journalism, Summa Cum Laude; Hannah Johnson, BSN-Nursing, Magna Cum Laude; Matthew Johnson, BFA-Art and Design; Brandon Jones, BS-Information Systems; Alyssa Kellow, BS-Management of Health & Fitness; Lindsey Kellow, BSN-Nursing; Brandon Kent, BS-Criminal Justice; Trevor Kilgallen, BS-Hospitality and Tourism Mgmt, Cum Laude; Gerhard Klein, BS-Mathematics; Jason Kloosterman, BS-Biology; Davon Lanier, BS-Multimedia Journalism; Logan Lehmann, BFA-Art and Design; Benjamin LeMieux, BS-Industrial Technologies; Max Lincoln, BS-Accounting, Cum Laude; Alicia Longstreet, BS-Criminal Justice; Logan Love, BS-Cognitive Impairment/Elem Ed; Tabitha Matthews, BSN-Nursing; Kelsey Mattson, BS-Marketing; Montana McGeshick, BFA-Art and Design; Beth Michalski, BS-Communication Studies; Amanda Miller, BS-Accounting; Lydia Morgan, BS-Psychology/Graduate Prep; William Morrison, BS-Biology; Jillian Mytty, BS-Biology; Alec Nannestad, BS-Political Science, Magna Cum Laude; Henley Nowicki, BSN-Nursing, Cum Laude; Ian O’neill, BS-Management, Cum Laude; Aubrey Owens, BA-English/Graduate Bound, Magna Cum Laude; Emmalene Oysti, BFA-Art and Design; Daniele Paran, BS-Sports Science; Stephanie Parks, BS-Biology; Amanda Peterman, BS-Community Health Education; Kelli Rajala, BS-English/Writing; Courtney Raske, BS-Outdoor Rec Leadership/ Mgmt; Alexis Reilley, BS-Finance & Risk Management; Jennifer Rule, BSN-Nursing, Cum Laude; Mitchell Rusch, BS-Management; Zachary Scott, BS-Criminal Justice; Jackson Seitz, BS-Information Systems; Senja Spelman, BA-Marketing, Cum Laude; Virgil Spisak, BS-Accounting; Alex Stack, BS-Accounting, Cum Laude; Hailey Stenberg, BSN-Nursing, Magna Cum Laude; Terrah Thoresen, BS-Sociology/Liberal Arts; Chelsie Vadnais, BS-Management; Jason Verbal, BS-Biology; Mary Walsh, BS-Biochemistry; Savannah Wheeler, BS-Mobile & Web App Development, Cum Laude; Jill Wolf, BSN-Nursing; James Yelland, BS-English/Writing, Cum Laude

McMillan — Marc Pickelman, BA-English/Graduate Bound, Magna Cum Laude

Munising — Rebecca Anthony, BS-Management; Emily Blandford, BSN-Nursing, Cum Laude; Joseph Brogan, BS-Criminal Justice, Magna Cum Laude; Ambria Lewis, BSN-Nursing; Laura Richard, BS-Accounting/Corporate Finance, Summa Cum Laude; Jeff Rochefort, BS-Criminal Justice

Negaunee — Curt Kemp, BS-Industrial Technologies; Abbi Kill, BSN-Nursing, Cum Laude; Jason Kirkland, BSN-Nursing; Theresa Kowall, BS-Sociology, Cum Laude; Ellen Lindblom, BS-Political Science; Eric Rigling, BS-Information Systems; Aubri Romback, BA-Marketing; Tyler Romback, BS-Management; Brady Skewis, BS-Communication Studies; Michael Wilber, BS-Marketing; Michele Wilber, BFA-Art and Design, Cum Laude

Skandia — Steve Hohman, BS-Industrial Technologies

Trenary — Brianna Emard, BSN-Nursing

Wetmore — Heather FaithBFA-Art and Design

Master’s Degree

Ishpeming — Kerry Hytinen, MA-English

Marquette — Beau Adams, MS-Biology; Cale Anderson, MS-Exercise Science; William Nyfeler, MA-English; Amy Pruner, MAE-Instruction; Janelle Taylor, MA-Higher Educ & Student Affairs

Negaunee — Cody Scanlon, MAE-Educational Admin/Supervision; Allyson Solander, MAE-Reading (BT)

Ontonagon — Megan HagenMAE-Educational Admin/Supervision

Education Specialist

Au Train — Anthony BarnesEDS-Educational Admin/Supervision