Hill appointed to 3-year term

The Michigan Supreme Court issued an Order on June 25, 2014, creating the Michigan Tribal State Federal Judicial Forum. The forum will address working relationships among the court systems of the state, tribal and federal jurisdictions in Michigan. The Honorable Cheryl Hill, Marquette County Probate Judge, has been appointed by the Michigan Supreme Court to a three-year term on the forum. In addition to state court jurists there will be one judge from each of Michigan’s 12 federally recognized American Indian tribes appointed to the forum. The purpose of the forum is to foster mutual understanding and acceptance among state, tribal and federal judges; to generate dialogue and develop improvements in judicial practice as to the Indian Child Welfare Act and the Michigan Indian Family Preservation Act and to perform other tasks identified by Forum members. Hill was honored to have been selected by the Supreme Court to serve on the forum. Since taking the bench in 2013 she has become active in tribal-state relation issues to best serve the Indian population of Marquette County and the State of Michigan.


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