Fire doesn’t slow paper mill operation in Manistique

MANISTIQUE — A fire didn’t hamper production at Manistique’s UP Paper. Although the fire started in a paper machine, the plant was fully operational less than a day later.

At 10:23 a.m. Saturday, Manistique Public Safety and volunteer firefighters were dispatched to the report of a structure fire at UP Paper, 402 West Elk St., in Manistique, according to Manistique Public Safety Director Kenneth C. Golat. Upon arriving on scene, officers determined the fire had started in the paper machine located on the second floor of the mill. All mill employees had been accounted for and the UP Paper Fire Team was containing the fire.

Manistique firefighters, along with the UP Paper Fire Team, then brought the fire under control after 45 minutes and continued to locate and extinguish hot spots until officers cleared the scene at 2 p.m. Investigation determined the fire had begun in the main paper machine and had spread to the roof via ventilation shafts. This resulted in a small fire on the roof, which was suppressed with fire extinguishers.

There were no injuries to firefighters, paper mill employees, or civilians resulting from the fire.

The UP Paper paper machine received minor damage and UP Paper Mill operations were fully operational within 20 hours after the incident.

“The successful suppression of this fire with minimal damage was the result of an exceptional team effort by Manistique Public Safety and volunteer firefighters, UP Paper Fire Team and employees, and the Hiawatha Volunteer Fire Department, who were called to the scene to assist with their aerial ladder truck,” Golat said.


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