County park cabin project continues

Delta Conservation District Executive Director Rory Mattson stands on the porch of a recently-installed rustic cabin at Pioneer Trail Park Wednesday. The district is continuing to make progress on its efforts to install these cabins in county parks. (Jordan Beck | Daily Press photo)

ESCANABA — The Delta Conservation District is continuing to make progress on its efforts to install rustic cabins in county parks. While the district is still seeking donations, the cost of 10 cabins included in the project’s first phase will be covered by an anonymous donor.

Currently, the DCD is planning to install six rustic cabins at Fuller Campground and at least five cabins at Pioneer Trail Park by the spring of 2021. Cabins at Fuller Campground will be located on a hemlock ridge, while cabins at Pioneer Trail Park will overlook the Escanaba River.

“The reason we’re doing this is to provide extra recreational experiences beyond those who can afford to own a camper trailer,” DCD Executive Director Rory Mattson said.

Campers will be able to rent cabins for periods of three or seven days.

To give people an idea of what the cabins will look like, Mattson said the DCD recently installed one at Pioneer Trail Park. With additional work done by the district taken into account, the cost of each cabin is an estimated $9,000.

“The conservation district paid for that one in the hopes that, later on when we get donations, we’ll be reimbursed for it,” he said.

Going forward, the district would like to bring additional cabins to the parks. Mattson said Fuller Campground could likely be home to four extra cabins, while Pioneer Trail Park could have a total of 15. Future donations will go towards these added cabins.

The DCD is also seeking donations of furniture for the cabins.

“We want to outfit each cabin with a table, four chairs and then some type of a couch,” Mattson said.

Mattson said those hoping to rent a rustic cabin at county parks will be able to do so relatively soon.

“We will be renting those for the summer camping season of 2021,” he said.

For questions, or to make a donation, call 906-786-1020 or send an email to parks@deltacountymi.org.


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