Plan to cap, seal severed cables OK’d

The U.S. Coast Guard’s Unified Command last week approved a plan developed by American Transmission Company, contracting with Durocher Marine and T&T Subsea, to cap and seal the two severed utility cables in the Straits of Mackinac. One of the cables is clearly visible in the photo above, distributed by the Coast Guard. On Thursday, a tug, barge, and remotely operating underwater vehicle, started operations to cap the ends of the two severed ATC utility cables. One by one, the ends of severed cables will be lifted to the surface of the water, to solder and affix a permanent cap. The caps will be wrapped with the existing outer steel armor wires of the cables and banded with steel clamps. Once the ends of the cables are soldered, capped and sealed, they will be laid on the bottom of the straits in their original position. Afterwards, concrete mats will be placed over the ends of the two cables to prevent them from moving. (Photo courtesy of the Coast Guard)