Whitmer proclaims today as Women Veterans Recognition Day

Proposed $105 million investment also announced

LANSING — Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Friday announced a proposed investment of $105.8 million — $50.9 million state/$54.9 million federal — to modernize current facilities used by the Michigan Army National Guard “to address inequities that exist in the facilities provided to Michigan’s female service members,” officials said in a news release.

Whitmer also proclaimed today, June 12, 2021, as Women Veterans Recognition Day, “honoring Michigan’s 44,700 women veterans and the many more brave women who served before them,” the release states.

“Michigan women have put their lives on the line to serve our country for generations and it’s time they get the respect and recognition they earned,” Whitmer said in the release. “While I am proud to declare June 12th Women Veterans Recognition Day, we need to make sure our women veterans have the year-round support to employment and educational opportunities, healthcare, mental health services and housing when they return home. With this proposed investment, we are also demonstrating to our female service members that we are serious about ensuring equity within our state.”

MIARNG has 37 facilities that will be improved with this investment. “At the time many of these buildings were constructed, the structure and composition of the MIARNG force was primarily male and facilities like restrooms and showers were designed with that in mind,” the release states. “Today’s force is much more diverse and has nearly 1,500 women serving. However, very few of the facilities they use for drill and other activities have been updated to reflect their needs.”

“It is a matter of fairness and equity that the state should embark on a mission to update these facilities to ensure parity with the facilities provided to male soldiers,” Whitmer said. “Women are a growing segment of the population stepping up to serve our state and nation and the facilities available to them should match this commitment.”


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