Maritime disasters program set

DETROIT (AP) — The last living survivor of the Carl D. Bradley sinking six decades ago is scheduled to be part of a program on Great Lakes maritime disasters.

The Dossin Great Lakes Museum is hosting “Three Disastrous Anniversaries” on Saturday. Frank Mays, one of two survivors of the 1958 Bradley sinking in Lake Michigan, will be a guest speaker.

Thirty-three crew members aboard the freighter died. The shipwreck’s 60th anniversary is Nov. 18.

The program at the museum on Detroit’s Belle Isle will explore two other Great Lakes disasters: The 1918 loss of two World War I minesweepers in Lake Superior and a series of 1868 storms, collisions and explosions that claimed about 15 vessels and 200 sailors.

Cost is $10, $5 for Detroit Historical Society and Great Lakes Maritime Institute members.