Superiorland Yesterdays

EDITOR’S NOTE: Superiorland Yesterdays is prepared by the reference staff at the Peter White Public Library in Marquette.

30 years ago

MARQUETTE–Bruce Raudio, NMU director of facilities, said that TMP Associates Inc., of Bloomfield Hills, cut a number of interior and exterior design elements in order to bring the “Yooper Dome” project’s cost in at $21.8 million. The areas axed from the design “will not affect the functionality of the complex,” Raudio said. He said TMP Associates was paid just under $1 million to design and redesign the project. Areas in the original design that were cut include: a second concourse level that circled the entire dome, which was connected with north and south bridges; pre-cast concrete grandstands with expensive individual seating, replaced with bleacher-style seating; and reduced exterior landscaping and lighting. Raudio said the next step will be publication of formal invitation for companies to bid on construction. “If the bids will permit us to stay within the overall budget of $21.9 million, and if they are acceptable to state reviewers, work could begin immediately,” he said, adding the school’s anticipated schedule looks to have the facility open for operation by June 1991. The structure’s wooden dome, which will tower 14 stories over the NMU campus, would be fabricated at a site out-of-state, and erected during the spring and summer of 1990. Interior work would be completed the following winter.

90 years ago

SAULT STE. MARIE–When a prisoner escapes and takes the guard with him, that’s the height of something or other. Soldiers from the Fort Brady were scouring the city and combing the environs in search of Private George J. Trigg, a prisoner confined for desertion, and Private Stanley Pawlack, guard and prisoner chaser who was supposed to keep Trigg under surveillance. Trigg escaped confinement for desertion some time ago. He was recaptured, brought back and placed again under guard. The men smuggled civilian clothes into the post exchange, undressed there after discarding unifiers and literally arm in arm “flew the coop.”