Superiorland Yesterdays

EDITOR’S NOTE: Superiorland Yesterdays is prepared by the reference staff at the Peter White Public Library in Marquette.

30 years ago

MARQUETTE — A Northern Michigan University chemistry professor who returned Tuesday from a three-week tour of China says he does not expect the freedom movement there to cease, despite the mass killing of hundreds — perhaps thousands — of unarmed students. Dr. Richard V. Allenstein and his wife, Sally, visited Beijing May 23 through the 26th. “We were able to walk from where we were staying right down to Tiananmen Square,” Allenstein said. “It appeared that most of the people there were young. But the students were very adamant in their protests against the established government … (Premier) Li Peng’s name was already a swearword to the students.” Premier Li Peng, a communist hardliner, was among those who advocated an early use of military force to quell the uprising; he along with an army general co-sponsored the push to declare martial law in the capital. On another occasion, Allenstein related he and his wife were walking through Tiananmen Square and got caught up in a massive student rally: “We were packed so tight that I tried to get pictures by holding my camera over my head … We let the students know in a very low-key way that we supported the movement (but) we were reasonably careful not to be too political.”

90 years ago

MARQUETTE–The Marquette District Michigan State Nurses Association will be hostess to the class of 1929 of St. Luke’s training school for nurses at a luncheon which is to be held in the Federated Women’s Club at 12:30 o’clock Monday afternoon. This is, in the nature of things, a more than ordinarily interesting affair for it is given by the nurses who have graduated and been out in the field, to the girls who are just about to start on their professional duties. Every one planning to attend, and it is hoped that will be 100 percent of the folk eligible, is asked to telephone Miss Emma Anderson not later than Sunder evening, to make table reservations. It would be even more helpful if notification should be sent to her today. Following the luncheon the District Nurses will hold their regular business meeting.