Superiorland Yesterdays

EDITOR’S NOTE: Superiorland Yesterdays is prepared by the reference staff at the Peter White Public Library in Marquette.

30 years ago

MARQUETTE — Setting a course record, Travis Hunt of Marquette ran his fifth race of the year here Tuesday evening in the weekly bicycle time trials held off County Road 553. Hunt completed the 12.6 mile course located near the Blueberry Ridge Ski Area in 28 minutes, 18 seconds, race spokesman Bob Gregg said. Jeff Juntti of Marquette finished second and Doug Grosso of Houston, Texas took third. Sten Fjeldheim of Marquette finished fourth and Pete Gradzina of K.I. Sawyer placed fifth. Dan Ray of Marquette established a course record for a mountain bike with a 33:32 clocking. In the women’s division, Marquette racers Tracy Donahue took first, Anne Fjeldheim placed second, and Audrey Johnson came in third.

90 years ago

MARQUETTE — What should prove to be a real struggle is the contest between the Marquette Independents and the Ishpeming Setters, slated for Sunday, July 22, on the Legion Park diamond. The Setters are in a tie for first place with Chatham, having a clean slate to date. The Independents are now resting in fourth place, with two games won and two lost, and are not out of the running by far. They have had hard practice sessions since their defeat of last Sunday which put the infield in a bad light. Manager Beauchamp probably will make his choice for hurler from Maki or Gustafson with Paquette on the receiving end. The Setters, intent on keeping their slate clean, also have held strenuous workouts during the past week. Olilla will occupy the mound with Harper behind the bat for this club.