Police Log

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following information is collected from Marquette City Police Department dispatch log books recorded at the time the calls were received. The incidents reported may have proven to be unfounded once police investigated. Some log entries may be edited or omitted due to space constraints.


≤ 10:14 p.m., property inspection, 400 block West Washington Street

≤ 10:15 p.m., four property checks, 400 block West Washington Street

≤ 11:13 p.m., stray dog for pickup, taken over to Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter, 400 block North Sixth Street

≤ 11:40 p.m., driving while license suspended arrest, 4500 block M-553


≤ 1:14 a.m., property inspection, South Marquette Schools

≤ 2:05 a.m., property inspection, 1000 block Grove Street

≤ 2:06 a.m., property inspection, North Marquette Schools

≤ 2:24 a.m., female yelling for someone to call the police, arrest for warrant, 1900 block Wilkinson Avenue

≤ 4:07 a.m., property inspection, 100 block West Washington Street

≤ 4:17 a.m., 40 property inspections, 100 block West Washington Street

≤ 5:13 a.m., nine property checks, 1000 block North Third Street

≤ 8:59 a.m., property check, 4300 block M-553

≤ 9:14 a.m., assistance, 500 block West College Avenue

≤ 9:41 a.m., lockout, opened, 2300 block Longyear Avenue

≤ 10:07 a.m., escort, 300 block West Baraga Avenue

≤ 10:09 a.m., neighbor calling in sounds of a disturbance, 300 block West Baraga Avenue

≤ 10:53 a.m., stolen mail, 2300 block Presque Isel Avenue

≤ 11:17 a.m., damaged hose, wanted it documented due to a situation with a disgruntled former employee, 1900 block Division Street

≤ 11:41 a.m., found trailer plate, returned to owner, 300 block West Barga Avenue

≤ 12 p.m., stuck skunk, assistance given, 400 block Wright Street

≤ 1:35 p.m., non-traffic accident, 500 block West Washington Street

≤ 2:34 p.m., felony warrant authorized, 300 block West Baraga Avenue

≤ 2:43 p.m., lockout, opened, 1000 block North Third Street

≤ 2:48 p.m., motorist assist, vehicle towed, U.S. 41/Terrance Street

≤ 3:48 p.m., abandoned bicycle, transferred over to cold storage, 900 block North Lakeshore Boulevard

≤ 4:45 p.m., court-ordered juvenile fingerprints, 900 North Lakeshore Boulevard

≤ 5:07 p.m., property damage traffic accident, minor personal injury reported, accident report, Wright Street near Sugar Loaf Avenue

≤ 5:10 p.m., report of subjects with a bonfire just off the roadway, area checked, unable to locate, Peter White Drive

≤ 5:29 p.m., property damage traffic crash, accident report, Third Street near Park Street

≤ 5:45 p.m., reported injury on a bicycle, unknown if victim crashed or was hit by a car, subject sustained head/scalp injury and was taken to hospital for treatment, no accident with a vehicle, victim’s chain came off of bike when crash occurred, Fifth Street near Spring Street

≤ 6 p.m., lost and found property, owner came in to claim shortly after turned in, 400 block West Washington Street

≤ 6:40 p.m., report of a barking dog, no one home, business card left on door, 300 block Alger Street

≤ 6:45 p.m., report of an abandoned vehicle, vehicle not there, located in parking lot, possibly broken down, no one around, U.S. 41 West near West Ridge Street

≤ 7:04 p.m., business reporting loud music from neighboring business, they kept hanging up on central dispatch when they were trying to get further information, patrol checked, no noise heard in area, 200 block South Front Street