Police Log

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following information is collected from Marquette City Police Department dispatch log books recorded at the time the calls were received. The incidents reported may have proven to be unfounded once police investigated. Some log entries may be edited or omitted due to space constraints.

July 19

≤ 5:05 a.m., property inspection, North Marquette Schools

≤ 5:07 a.m., alarm, building secure, 1900 block West Ridge Street

≤ 5:10 a.m., nine property checks, 1000 block North Third Street

≤ 5:12 a.m., alarm, called off by alarm company prior to officer’s arrival, 1100 block West Washington Street

≤ 6:36 a.m., traffic detail, U.S. 41 South

≤ 7:38 a.m., individual sleeping on back porch, moved along, 100 block West Crescent Street

≤ 8:08 a.m., vehicle lockout, opened, 400 block East Michigan Street

≤ 9:04 a.m., well-being check, 900 block Lee Street

≤ 9:16 a.m., report of dog at large, heading southbound on Lincoln Avenue, originated on Jefferson Street, both areas searched, gone on arrival, Lincoln Avenue near Cleveland Avenue

≤ 9:18 a.m., report of baby raccoons in the parking lot for several days, animals had already moved along, 400 block South Lakeshore Boulevard

≤ 10:05 a.m., vehicle lockout, opened, Peter White Drive

≤ 10:25 a.m., report of harassing phone call, just wanted it documented, 1500 block West Washington Street

≤ 11:18 a.m., subject’s vehicle stuck in the road, upon pushing the vehicle, a subject fell and hit their nose, causing it to bleed, EMS called to check out subject, South Fourth Street near West Baraga Avenue

≤ 11:51 a.m., report of ducks stuck in pond, mother duck returned and was with the ducks, all clear, 600 block West Bluff Street

≤ 11:59 a.m., raccoon trap set, relocated, 1900 block Jenny Lane

≤ 12:21 p.m., report of fuel drive-off that occurred last week, 500 block West Washington Street

≤ 12:23 p.m., walkthrough, 800 block South Lake Street

≤ 1:12 p.m., animal control, Kildahl Avenue

≤ 1:24 p.m., criminal sexual conduct, 300 block West Baraga Avenue

≤ 1:25 p.m., warrant, other agency, 300 block West Baraga Avenue

≤ 1:28 p.m., property check, 2500 block North Lakeshore Boulevard

≤ 1:35 p.m., warrant other agency, 300 block West Baraga Avenue

≤ 1:36 p.m., theft of jewelry, 1100 block West Washington Street

≤ 1:41 p.m., walk in, general, 300 block West Baraga Avenue

≤ 2:13 p.m., report of dogs on the beach, animals wee in allotted area, 800 block South Lake Street

≤ 2:40 p.m., harassment complaint, 500 block East Ohio Street

≤ 2:59 p.m., warrants authorized, 300 block West Baraga Avenue

≤ 3:14 p.m., report of dog left in vehicle, owner returned to vehicle, 1400 block West Fair Avenue

≤ 3:40 p.m., private property damage accident, Lower Level Downtown Parking Ramp

≤ 5:30 p.m., caller reports her fence was struck by a vehicle, vehicle has left the area, very minor damage, officer spoke with both parties, 1300 block Pioneer Road

≤ 5:34 p.m., traffic stop, subject discovered to have a valid warrant, no bond, 700 block Pioneer Road

≤ 5:46 p.m., well-being check, Presque Isle Avenue

≤ 6:20 p.m., warrant arrest, 900 block West College Avenue

≤ 6:37 p.m., malicious destruction of property to a motor vehicle, report taken, 500 block East Arch Street

≤ 6:40 p.m., found Michigan I.D., 200 block North Front Street

≤ 6:43 p.m., caller reports a speaker fell on his car hood and dented it, 900 block North Third Street

≤ 7:15 p.m., parking problem, vehicle parked,covering the caller’s driveway, 200 block West Ohio Street

≤ 8:35 p.m., caller requesting another well-being check on elderly, 900 block Lee Street

≤ 9:24 p.m., malicious destruction of property to a fence, spoke with both parties, nothing to pursue at this time, Bancroft Street

≤ 10:18 p.m., found cell phone, Peter White Drive

≤ 11:17 p.m., property inspection, 400 block North Third Street

≤ 11:54 p.m., loud party, moved inside, warned, 400 block East Prospect Street

≤ 11:55 p.m., property damage accident, Washington Street near Fifth Street

July 20

≤ 12:05 a.m., report of gun shots, it was fireworks, according to several subjects on the beach, all OK, 800 block South Lake Street

≤ 2:32 a.m., vehicle lockout, opened, 2700 block North Lakeshore Boulevard

≤ 3:08 a.m., property inspection, North Marquette Schools

≤ 4:15 a.m., assist other agency with a drive while listened suspended arrest, Presque Isle Avenue near West College Avenue

≤ 4:52 a.m., fireworks, area checked, gone on arrival, Longyear Avenue near Union Street

≤ 5:12 a.m., animal control, loud cat fight, area checked, gone on arrival, 300 block East Ridge Street

≤ 5:42 a.m., property inspection, South Marquette Schools

≤ 7:07 a.m., person sleeping on side of building, 100 block South McClellan Avenue

≤ 10:10 a.m., request for well-being check on child, subject called back and made contact, no patrol unit needed, 2000 block Wetton Avenue

July 20

≤ 10:39 a.m., report of vehicle parked in lot for several months, explained towing process, will call for further assistance if needed, 200 block Northland Drive

≤ 11:04 a.m., vehicle lockout, opened, 500 block West Baraga Avenue

≤ 11:31 a.m., report of a couple abandoned vehicles, 400 block East Park Street

≤ 12:30 p.m., fireworks complaint, 200 block Dobson Place

≤ 12:31 p.m., traffic accident, 500 block West Washington Street

≤ 12:37 p.m., wanted expired trepass letter re-served on subject, subject not on scene, they will call back if he returns to the business, 500 block West Washington Street

≤ 12:51 p.m., accidental damage, 100 block West Bluff Street

≤ 2:19 p.m., vehicle lockout, opened, Peter White Drive

≤ 2:53 p.m., warrant authorized, 300 block West Baraga Avenue

≤ 3:03 p.m., suspicious, subject seems lost and confused, subject was fine, waiting for transportation, North Third Street near West Fair Avenue

≤ 3:40 p.m., report of graffiti to a stop sign, North Fourth Street near West Park Street

≤ 4:35 p.m., possibly abandoned mountain bike, caller was not the property owner, will followup with property owner, 200 block East Main Street

≤ 5:16 p.m., found cat, transported to UPAWS, 500 block South Third Street

≤ 5:25 p.m., report of elderly subject who asked caller to call the police, new to area, just discharged from group home, given different options for housing, 600 block West Bluff Street

≤ 5:45 p.m., report of elderly female walking in the area wearing a boot, OK, 1000 block West Washington Street

≤ 7:15 p.m., found wallet, transported to owner at residence, 500 block Fisher Street

≤ 7:20 p.m., possible trespass violation, subject left prior to offer’s arrival, 1000 block West Ridge Street

≤ 8:15 p.m., harassing call from ex, complainant did not want the other party contacted, 200 block West Baraga Avenue

≤ 9:23 p.m., EMS requested assistance with combative, highly intoxicated subject, medical assist, 100 block North Front Street

≤ 9:28 p.m., large amount of trash piled up around the residence, caller was concerned for the well-being of subjects inside, appears animals got into garbage, officer will follow up, 300 block South Seventh Street

≤ 10:01 p.m., warrant arrest, 100 block West Arch Street

≤ 10:41 p.m., illegal entry, charges sought, report, 2000 block Presque Isle Avenue

≤ 10:45 p.m., possible breaking-and-entering, someone observed three juveniles leave back door of business, back door found broken by officers, building checked, found to be secure, owner was notified and came to the scene, 100 block West Main Street

≤ 10:47 p.m., loud party, dispersed prior to officer’s arrival, 2200 block Fitch Avenue

≤ 11:08 p.m., lockout, opened, 100 block East Arch Street

≤ 11:10 p.m., general panic alarm, false alarm, unknown why alarm went off, 1100 block West Washington Street

≤ 11:14 p.m., domestic assault, subject arrested and lodged, 700 block Union Street

≤ 11:51 p.m., non-traffic accident, 1200 block U.S. 41 West

July 21

≤ 12:41 a.m., lockout, opened, 200 block North Front Street

≤ 12:44 a.m., possible stolen vehicle, not stolen, appears to be a prank, no report wanted, 100 block South Third Street

≤ 1:16 a.m., trespass, subject was gone on arrival, 1000 block West Ridge Street

≤ 2:18 a.m., unregistered motor vehicle, plate was confiscated, driver was cited for unregistered motor vehicle, report, West Magnetic Street near Eighth Street