Superiorland Yesterdays

EDITOR’S NOTE: Superiorland Yesterdays is prepared by the reference desk staff at Peter White Public Library.

30 years

MARQUETTE — Marquette’s school will face nearly $1 million in painful program cuts if voters turn down a request for 3 extra mills, the Marquette School Board warned Tuesday. “We’ve made cuts the past two years,” said Superintendent Bill Bergin. “We don’t have any fat left. The only thing we can do now is cut back on more programs.” Bergin presented a list of 19 programs that will be cut if voters turn down 3 enhancement mills for three years in the June 13 millage election. The board must trim it projected $24 million 1994-95 budget by $920,000. It already has approved $80,000 in cuts. Bergin narrowed the list of possible cuts from recommendations made by a citizens’ task force. The school board took no action Tuesday. Among possible cuts are $150,000 in textbooks, $100,000 in library staff, $20,000 from the middle school orchestra, and $600,000 from art, music, physical education, counselors and social workers at the elementary level.

90 years

ENGADINE — Vacationing on a 40,000-acre hunting preserve near here with a few companions and a detachment of Michigan state police to guard him against the authors of recent threating letters, Gov. George White, of Ohio, tonight was apparently beyond the reach of telephone communication, while riots raged in Toledo. Before he started for the interior of this wilderness country early tonight, Governor White told the Associated Press by telephone from the lodge officers, that he had left the Toledo situation entirely in the hands of Adjutant General Frank D. Henderson, of the Ohio National guard. “I have full confidence in the ability of General Henderson to handle the situation,” said the governor after he had been informed that two were killed and others wounded in the first skirmish between national guardsmen and the Toledo mob. Gov. William A. Comstock was also in the heavy timber country of the Upper Peninsula on a fishing trip, and planned to meet Gov. White sometime before the latter vacation ended here Sunday.


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