Superiorland Yesterdays

EDITOR’S NOTE: Superiorland Yesterdays is prepared by the reference desk staff at Peter White Public Library.

30 years ago

SAWYER AIR FORCE BASE–Goods destined for the former Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc states could be flying in and out of Sawyer Air Force Base by the end of this year, a developer said Tuesday. A downstate housing manufacturer is considering storing construction materials at Sawyer before the goods are flown by private carriers overseas, said H. Josephe Pratt, over of Superior Imports/Exports of Chicago. Pratt is promoting the International Gateway project, which envisions the use of Sawyer’s facilities to ship and receive goods. The Sawyer Base Conversation Authority Tuesday unanimously voted to endorse the gateway project. Pratt said the authority’s blessing should spark commercial interest in the base. David Wilson of Sawyer Air Force Base, owner of aviation consultants The Wilson Group of Marquette, is assisting Pratt in promoting the gateway project. The base is scheduled to close in September 1995.

90 years ago

MARQUETTE– The 1934 iron ore shipping season is expected to open officially in Marquette Saturday when the steamer Pam Schneider arrives at the L.S. & I. dock to take on the first cargo for the year. And soon after that boats will be arriving here daily to take ore cargoes for lower lake ports. The South Shore railroad is all set for the loading of its first boat. Ore has been dumped into the pockets daily for more than a week. The L.S. & I. will dump the first ore in the pockets of its dock Saturday. Marine men say there is still a lot of ice in Lake Superior and some difficulty in navigation is expected for another week at least. No word has been received here as to when the coast guard patrol boat Nansemond will arrive in Marquette. The boat was scheduled to leave New London, Conn., Wednesday on its trip here. It is expected that about two weeks will be required to make the trip. The boat will go up the St. Lawrence, take the barge canal from Troy to Buffalo and proceed here over the lake route. Preparations are being made for docking facilities for the Nansemond at the old dock at the foot of Spring street, between Spear’s dock and the South Shore ore dock. Recently the city commission appropriated $100 as yearly rental for the dock and $343 to put it in condition. Workmen were busy yesterday laying new planking on the dock site in the northwest corner. A space 200 feet long will be used for the Nansemond. A fence will be built around the dock. The boat will have crew of 20 and will patrol Lake Superior between Whitefish Pont and Keweenaw, making headquarters in Marquette.


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